Instructional - Open to girls entering grades Kindergarten - 2nd in September of 2023. The Instructional Division is designed to introduce girls to the game of softball and continue developing individual skills. Starting Sprin 2024 INstructional will officially be part of the ECWSL and have weekly coach-pitched games with our neighboring towns and focus on preparing them for Farm Division. This program runs for 6 weeks starting end of April/Beginning of May through mid-June.  

Farm Division - Open to girls entering grades 3 & 4 in September of 2023. The Farm Division is designed to help players make the transition from instructional coach-pitched games to player-pitched games. Farm plays with an 11" softball. Pitchers pitch from a 35' foot pitching distance. The bases are 50' feet apart. There is no stealing or bunting. A maximum of 4 runs can be scored per inning. 

Junior Division --  Open to girls entering grades 5 & 6 in September of 2023. The Junior Division makes the jump to the 12" softball. Pitchers pitch from a 40'. The bases are 60' feet apart. Limited stealing of second and third base is allowed (baserunner may leave when the ball crosses the plate). Girls play a 6-inning game.  

Senior Division - Open to girls entering grades 7 & 8 in September of 2023. The Senior Division plays with a 12" softball, pitchers pitch from 43' and bases are 60' apart. Baserunners may steal all bases when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand. A maximum of 6 runs can be scored per inning, the inning ends when the 6th run crosses the plate. The run rule is lifted in the 7th inning for Seniors. 15 Run Mercy rule after 5 innings.

Junior and Senior Divisions have playoffs at the end of the regular season. Historically the Division Finals and League Championship games are played on Father’s Day weekend. Please keep that in mind and let your coach know as soon as possible if you are not available that weekend.

The Regular season games for Farm-Seniors start the week of April 22nd and end mid-June.  Playoffs will start June 10th with the finals scheduled for June 23rd. 

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